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100 Osage Trail
Unionville, MO  63565




40.503010 / -92.819105

Price Per Acre:


Brad Knight | Rob Robison: Land Specialists (Brad MO|IA; Rob MO)


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Beautiful, Unique, and Remote all describe this 130-acre parcel situated in NE Putnam County - smack-dab in the middle of BIG BUCK country!!  Definitely, without a doubt, this is one of the very best setups for hunting trophy whitetail you will find anywhere.  Plenty of row crops to the east and south, big timber to the north, and 2 streams that run through or border the property creating a natural whitetail paradise, and, with some clean-up and proper placement of some food plots, it could get even better. Most of the neighbors practice big buck management and some do not allow hunting; this piece of paradise is nestled right in the middle of them. There are no roads that touch any border with the exception of the dead-end road allowing access to the property. There is also a nice-sized pond in the SW corner of the property that is believed to be stocked but has not been fished recently that we know of. There is a short-term hunting lease in place that expires in October or, the lease can be broken with a refund to the lessee.  All of this sits at the end of a dead-end gravel/dirt road creating plenty of privacy, peace & quiet - which all of us can appreciate these days.

Here is a rare opportunity for you to purchase the ideal hunting/recreational property and, put your personal touch on it in terms of trails, blinds, food plots, etc., and there may also be opportunities to purchase or even lease additional acres close by.

Contact Brad Knight at 660-216-4081 or Rob Robison at 660-216-2580 for a personal viewing of this slice of the heartland!

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