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1 Clark Road
Lemons, MO  63565




40.409732 / -93.081186

Price Per Acre:


Brad Knight | Rob Robison: Land Specialists (Brad MO|IA; Rob MO)


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Check out this Putnam County "gem" with loads of potential for someone looking for an extreme 49 acres of pure whitetail paradise! This property is definitely remote and secluded and access is across another property owned by the seller, and he will give a deeded legal easement.

As you look at the aerials in the gallery, it will be obvious that this property will set up perfectly for the IDEAL hunting paradise - two long open ridgetops, a big, brushy draw that has several brushy fingers coming off of it and runs the length of the farm, bigger timber on the south end and hundreds of acres of crop fields to the north. This is a great opportunity for the diehard whitetail enthusiast to create their very own trophy farm.

Smaller tracts like this are very hard to come by, especially as remote as this one. At the time of listing the seller is thinking of selling an additional 50ac+/- that joins on the south end. They may sell it now but if not, they will grant a 1st right of refusal and possibly lease it to the buyer, giving you 100 continuous acres.

Inventory is light and prices are holding steady so do not wait! Call Brad Knight 660-216-4081 or Rob Robison 660-216-2580 today and let’s go take a look!

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