1158_Madison_9533_1_49_1_jpg-SMALL.jpg DJI_0231_jpg-SMALL.jpg DJI_0230_jpg-SMALL.jpg DJI_0229_jpg-SMALL.jpg DJI_0228_jpg-SMALL.jpg 1158_Madison_9533_1_47_2_jpg-SMALL.jpg 1158_Madison_9533_1_47_1_jpg-SMALL.jpg 1158_Madison_9533_1_44_1_jpg-SMALL.jpg 1158_Madison_9533_1_43_7_jpg-SMALL.jpg 1158_Madison_9533_1_43_6_jpg-SMALL.jpg 1158_Madison_9533_1_43_5_jpg-SMALL.jpg 1158_Madison_9533_1_43_4_jpg-SMALL.jpg 1158_Madison_9533_1_43_3_jpg-SMALL.jpg 1158_Madison_9533_1_43_2_jpg-SMALL.jpg 1158_Madison_9533_1_43_1_jpg-SMALL.jpg 1158_Madison_9533_1_42_2_jpg-SMALL.jpg 1158_Madison_9533_1_39_1_jpg-SMALL.jpg 1158_Madison_9533_1_38_1_jpg-SMALL.jpg 1158_Madison_9533_1_37_1_jpg-SMALL.jpg 1158_Madison_9533_1_34_1_jpg-SMALL.jpg 1158_Madison_9533_1_33_1_jpg-SMALL.jpg 1158_Madison_9533_1_30_4_jpg-SMALL.jpg 1158_Madison_9533_1_30_3_jpg-SMALL.jpg 1158_Madison_9533_1_30_2_jpg-SMALL.jpg 1158_Madison_9533_1_30_1_jpg-SMALL.jpg 1158_Madison_9533_1_29_1_jpg-SMALL.jpg 1158_Madison_9533_1_25_2_jpg-SMALL.jpg 1158_Madison_9533_1_25_1_jpg-SMALL.jpg 1158_Madison_9533_1_24_2_jpg-SMALL.jpg 1158_Madison_9533_1_24_1_jpg-SMALL.jpg 1158_Madison_9533_1_23_2_jpg-SMALL.jpg 1158_Madison_9533_1_23_1_jpg-SMALL.jpg 1158_Madison_9533_1_21_1_jpg-SMALL.jpg 1158_Madison_9533_1_19_1_jpg-SMALL.jpg 1158_Madison_9533_1_9_2_jpg-SMALL.jpg 1158_Madison_9533_1_9_1_jpg-SMALL.jpg 1158_Madison_9533_1_8_3_jpg-SMALL.jpg 1158_Madison_9533_1_8_2_jpg-SMALL.jpg 1158_Madison_9533_1_4_2_jpg-SMALL.jpg 1158_Madison_9533_1_4_1_jpg-SMALL.jpg 1158_Madison_9533_1_3_1_jpg-SMALL.jpg 1158_Madison_9533_1_42_1_jpg-SMALL.jpg 1158_Madison_9533_1_40_2_jpg-SMALL.jpg 1158_Madison_9533_1_40_1_jpg-SMALL.jpg 1158_Madison_9533_1_10_1_jpg-SMALL.jpg 1158_Madison_9533_1_8_1_jpg-SMALL.jpg 1158_Madison_9533_1_7_1_jpg-SMALL.jpg 1158_Madison_9533_1_6_1_jpg-SMALL.jpg 1158_Madison_9533_1_5_1_jpg-SMALL.jpg KNL05477_jpg-SMALL.jpg KNL05476_jpg-SMALL.jpg DJI_0227_jpg-SMALL.jpg DJI_0226_jpg-SMALL.jpg DJI_0225_jpg-SMALL.jpg DJI_0224_jpg-SMALL.jpg DJI_0223_jpg-SMALL.jpg e5e04b7a-a104-4bfd-8165-cfb59fb7232d.jpg d375dee0-ec4b-42e3-9a7b-3fc03e96ac09.jpg c845d895-85d4-4f05-8e38-31d9464baf8b.jpg 712b948b-b579-42fb-ab69-50f3fa0f3caf.jpg 702ab78d-c5e0-4bf5-9462-6dfb0a117069.jpg 426f470b-1960-4fd5-89b8-a31ba8efa030.jpg 4d937a68-a682-4ff9-a02a-58def8198f08.jpg 1bbdd046-3dbd-4a53-9e31-252c63661f98.jpg KNL05523_jpg-SMALL.jpg KNL05517_jpg-SMALL.jpg KNL05512_jpg-SMALL.jpg KNL05507_jpg-SMALL.jpg KNL05502_jpg-SMALL.jpg KNL05492_jpg-SMALL.jpg KNL05564_jpg-SMALL.jpg KNL05487_jpg-SMALL.jpg KNL05482_jpg-SMALL.jpg KNL05554_jpg-SMALL.jpg KNL05543_jpg-SMALL.jpg KNL05533_jpg-SMALL.jpg KNL05528_jpg-SMALL.jpg KNL05549_jpg-SMALL.jpg KNL05538_jpg-SMALL.jpg KNL05559_jpg-SMALL.jpg

Property Details






1158 Madison 9533
Fredericktown, MO  63645




37.609600 / -90.465900

Price Per Acre:


Property Type:

Missouri Hunting Land

Dale Dunn: CEO & Founder | Managing Broker - MO | IA | KY | KS | WI | TN / Broker - IL

Dale Dunn

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Madison County Missouri is home to some of the most beautiful property in the Show Me State.

This 320+/- acres with St. Francois River frontage is one of those special spots and is a must see.

Located just west of Fredericktown on the north side of highway 72, this property consists of mature hardwoods with several large open areas and pastures. These openings are ideal areas for cattle pasture, or food plots for the many deer and turkey that call this property home. 

The St. Francois River frontage here is spectacular, and this river is home to some of the best smallmouth bass fishing anywhere in the state. This stretch of river is also known to produce trophy walleye and catfish. The recreational opportunities don’t end with just fishing as canoeing or kayaking are also a huge draw to this gorgeous waterway.

There is a newly remodeled 3 bedroom / 2 bath cabin, with a perfect view from the living room of a 4+/- acre stocked lake. The cabin is beautiful with a rustic, well planned décor’. 

If privacy is important, this place is ideal, as it sits at the end of a dead-end county road.

Ideal building spots for a dream home

Excellent deer and turkey hunting

Nice farm for horses or cattle

Property is approximately 100 miles from St. Louis

75 miles from Cape Girardeau and Poplar Bluff

For more info or a private tour, call Dale Dunn at 636-443-9481, or Charlie Carter at 573-317-6698

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