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Unionville, MO  63565




40.569553 / -92.970361

Price Per Acre:


Property Type:

Missouri Hunting Land

Brad Knight | Rob Robison: Land Specialists (Brad MO|IA; Rob MO)


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What a tremendous combo farm this is!

Situated just 1 mile from the IA border, this 170-acre farm is what dreams are made of.  With 100 acres of row crop and the balance in thick brushy draws, timber & cedar patches along with 2 ponds, this farm is the real deal that everyone wants.

The row crop should generate $15,000 income and the deer hunting is PHENOMENAL.  There are some trail cam pics and kill history in the gallery.  This farm has just the right amount of row crop and cover.  The deep draws and ravines with thick cedar patches provide the perfect bedding area with plenty of food and water close by.  This all creates the perfect habitat for trophy whitetail, and close to the IA border to boot!

If you have been looking for a great combo farm, then look no further.  Farms are not getting cheaper, and they don’t come any better than this one.

Priced at $764,150

Contact Brad Knight, 660-216-4081 or Rob Robison, 660-216-2580 for your own private tour!

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