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37982 Deerwood Trail
Unionville, MO  63565




40.474010 / -92.841420

Price Per Acre:


Brad Knight | Rob Robison: Land Specialists (Brad MO|IA; Rob MO)


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Nice size acreage, small lake, and a fabulous home - what everyone wants!!

The 22 acres is mostly timber with a 2-3-acre lake* right in the middle. In addition to the lake, the rolling hills of timber provide ample opportunities for deer and turkey. Many of the surrounding neighbors practice Blackbird Creek Deer Management, which is landowners working together with the MDC to improve their properties for the deer herd and deer hunting.

Nestled in a perfect location sits a beautiful 2400 sq ft earth home newly built in 2010 that has awesome views of the property. The home was just recently remodeled inside and out, including all new siding with the bottom half consisting of real rock (not the faux rock you are accustomed to seeing) and inside, you'll find all new wood grain flooring, fresh paint and all new concrete countertops loaded with character, and a new stove top built into the kitchen Island.

The home features 3 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, kitchen, and a living room as a great room, central air and gas heat. The master suite is 500 sq. ft. with even more views of this great property, a very spacious master bathroom, jacuzzi style jet tub, walk-in shower, and closet, all separated by a rustic sliding barn door. The laundry room is just off the kitchen tucked in behind another rustic sliding barn door and has plenty of cabinets as well as a nice workstation to fold or sort your laundry. This is also where the furnace and the on-demand hot water heater is located.

And that's not all! There is a separate building separated by a nice patio area that would make a GREAT guest house or shop. If you like big spacious rooms and country living, then you will love this one priced at $410,000!

Call Brad Knight (660-216-4081) or Rob Robison (660-216-2580) and let's go look!

     *Lake water level recently improved by seller (see gallery for before and after photos).

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