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Newtown, MO  64667




40.350470 / -93.381525

Price Per Acre:


Brad Knight | Rob Robison: Land Specialists (Brad MO|IA; Rob MO)


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This 170-acres is nestled in SE Mercer County, very close to the Sullivan County line, and what a NICE set up it is!

There is a super nice cabin with 2 bedrooms that will sleep 6, a mini split for heating and cooling, a nice size living room area, a kitchen with appliances, and a full bathroom. There is also an older storage shed and a carport.

This farm has good deer history with the owners taking trophy whitetail bumping the 150 mark, and trail cam pics of some thought to be bigger. In the gallery you will see a nice tall heavy 8. That trail cam pic was taken by the camera there is a picture of in the gallery. If you are familiar with this area, then you KNOW you are in big buck country.

This farm sets up nicely for the bow or gun hunter, with heavy mature timber and deep brushy draws, a very nice stand of warm season grasses on the north end, and 2 nice ponds.  Access is from all directions due to a nice trail system the owners have built and maintained so no matter the wind direction, you can get in the right stand. There are also a couple of older box blinds that stay with the property.

There is also a very rustic, older barn on the property. A number of years back part of this farm was planted to row crop but has not been planted for a while. It is thought that, with some clean up, somewhere in the vicinity of 50 acres could be planted, which would turn an already great whitetail farm into an absolute sanctuary, and of course add $$ to your farm.

Here is your chance to purchase a great hunting farm and, with some work, turn it into a fantastic investment.

At $671,500 / $3,950 per acre, this farm is priced to sell, especially in this hot market.

Contact Call Brad Knight at 660-216-4081 or Rob Robinson at 660-216-2580 for additional information

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