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Kent Eisenbath | Evan Owens


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Kent Eisenbath:

Evan Owens:


Kent was born and raised in O’Fallon, Missouri. He has spent the entirety of his life in St. Charles County and wouldn’t have it any other way. Growing up Kent had the distinct pleasure of spending a lot of time down at “Grandma” Lou’s farm in the river bottoms which, then and even now, holds a special place in his heart. “Being down at Grandma’s was really a special thing. We weren’t actually related, but everyone was family. Down there I learned about the strength of the small-town community, the results of hard work, always lend a helping hand, and it doesn’t cost anything to be nice.” 

Kent graduated from Fort Zumwalt North High School and later attended Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau. After leaving college, he worked at his dad's and uncle’s restaurant and bars, Ethyl’s Smokehouse, and Elmer’s Old Town Tavern, and helped maintain and operate their separate property management company.

Kent is your typical outdoorsman who respects and enjoys the outdoors year-round. Growing up, his dad took him out dove and deer hunting, and his papa taught him the ins and outs of catching some Largemouths. Later, with the help of some good friends, Kent was able to learn about the joys of hunting the vast amounts of waterfowl our state has to offer.

“I am still young but the one thing that I have learned as I have gotten older is to be appreciative of the little things. As you get busier you learn to appreciate everything a little more, especially the things you can't do all the time. So now for me, every memory that’s made when I'm out in the woods or in the duck blind becomes that much more special. That’s why in this business I hope to help you find or sell a property that will make countless memories for generations.” 


Evan was born in Elsberry, MO then shortly moved and raised in surrounding St. Charles County. Currently, Evan resides in Winfield, MO where he built a home with his fiancé Morgan and their two daughters Bentley and Baylor. In the future, Evan plans on building a home on land where he can raise his family and share his passion for the outdoors. Evan became acquainted with wildlife at an extremely young age. Since he could walk, he tagged along with his father in deer hunting on his grandparent's farm in Pike County, Missouri, and ever since he has made chasing mature bucks a very prominent part of his life. 

After high school, Evan completed credit hours at a local college to then immediately enroll in the Eastern Missouri Police Academy once of age. Evan has been active in Law Enforcement for the past 5 years. 

“My passion for the outdoors and outdoor lifestyle has made me want to be a landowner one day. Until then, I would love nothing more than to help others find that dream property.”

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